James Lee

Luigi Bifulco

Software Developer

About Me

I'm a software developer, based in Naples, IT. I'm specialised in building web apps with various technologies. I consider myself a full-stack developer but i prefer to work with back-end logic. Currently i'm working for Engineering Ingegneria Informatica S.p.A., as Solution Developer. I work specially with Java language and with many of its standards and patterns. In my humble opinion programming it's not only work, first of all i consider that is an expression of life: the art of creating objects starting from a concept and imprint it with low level constructs and languages. I like to share experiences, i enjoy building stuff, discover new technologies and then use it with good methodologies. I really like to apply all my personal experience in my job every day, and i admit that this is very rewarding to me.

I like to play guitar and electric bass, i love the read fantasy books and pulp fiction books. I like to call every project associated with my hobbies a "pet-project". I started many pet-projects in music, social and last but not the least in hacking and programming. I love to hack with Rasperr-Pi, Arduino and any kind of study board. I need a 48-hours made day for playing a sport :).

Latest Projects


Appify - a tiny frontend framework

A tiny framework for developing complex HTML5 web applications in a simple way.

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project name

Xdcc4j - High Level API for XDCC protocol

A set of API for searching files listed in the IRC world and managing the dowloads of file provided by BOT in an IRC network.

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project name

Pi - WiiModNunchuck

Raspbery PI based project that provide a general purpose kit for capturing and decoding data from the most famous WII controller.

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Work Experience

Software Engineer Engineering Ingegneria Informatica S.p.A. (2009 - Present)

Software Engineer in Health Care and Emergency Division

Test Engineer Italtel S.p.A. (2008 - 2009)

Test Design and Test Automation for various project concerning with networking and SIP based architecture

SAP/ABAP Analyst Mate Consulting (2007 - 2008)

Intern as SAP/ABAP Analyst Developer.